Engelsk Springer Spaniel

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A Springer Spaniel is a moderately feathered dog, but it must be trimmed continuously.
The amount of fur is individual, but every Ess need the same type of grooming.

Grooming consists of brushing through the dogs for at least once a week.
Use a standard brush type with pig bristles , and for the long fur is a steel comb best.

Teach the dog to stand still on a table with a non-slip mat. This will facilitate both regular grooming and veterinary visits.

Check and clean ears, trim away excess hair around the paws and ears, and remove dead hair on the body at least once a month.

The dogs nails should be clipped regularly.

This routine keeps the dog well groomed, lose less hair indoors and draws less dirt from outdoors.

You should let an experienced trimmer do the job 2-4 times a year, depending on the growth fur and if you maintain the proper look of the dog.

It is essential to let someone with a lot of grooming experie help you if you are planning to go to a dog show. Search among Spaniel breedersor juse the Springer clubs trimlist to find some.

Good Luck!