Engelsk Springer Spaniel

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About Us

Our family consists of Kjell, Birgitta and our three daughters, Jonna, Asa and Linnea.

I (Birgitta) has had interest in dogs my whole life, and I have had a lot of dogs around me.
It was when the youngest daughter (Linnea) lived at home that the interest expended.

I saw an English Springer with my neighbors garden and became so fond of the breed
that we shortly thereafter purchased our first bitch.
With her the interest for dog shows begun. She did well and she got good placements.
A few years later came the first litter.
I will probably never forget the feeling when I sat in the whelping box the first time.

Linnea followed me to exhibitions and other activities and became active in the freestyle and agility.
She also started as a Junior Handler and for a long time it has been her job to show our dogs.

We also train Tracking, water retrieving and hunting.

The best thing about a Springer its their wonderful temperament,
And to keep that you must make sure that the dog has got good hunting desire.

We test our puppy litters.

We want to breed English Springer Spaniels for future generations.
We want to breed healthy and cooperative good looking dogs with a nice temperament
and good hunting desire.

Lergärdesvägen 33
684 65 Borlänge


Telefon:+46 243 63237
Mobil:+46 72 24 63237